Tuesday, 19 April 2011

my relative rupenye...

Do you guys know the late Aminulrasyid? Of coz la kan…every Malaysian should know who Aminulrasyid…he was a 15 y o boy who was shot dead by a policeman for allegedly acted suspiciously and tried to ram a car into members of a police patrol unit in Section 11, Shah Alam..there were 4 policemen involved but the one who shot him was Corporal Jenain Subi, 48, Sabahan..

Last Sunday my parents went to Hospital Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, Klang to visit my aunt…on the same time my mom’s elder sista, which I call Wak Ram came with her whole families to visit my aunt as well…Wak Ram has a daughter named Kak Niza which is also my cousin…she was married and has 4 children…my parents arrived home at nite and told us bout this story…

On that visit, the whole families of Wak Ram including her in-laws, children and grandchildren went to the ward to visit my aunt…so the ward become packed of those people...my mom said only Kak Niza’s husband stayed in the car and didn’t follow them…then I asked why ma? My mom answered “because he feels like everybody in the surrounding like ‘cemuh’ or ‘kutuk’ him when he met the public”…but I still didn’t get it and asked again why? My mom then asked me “do u know Aminulrashid?” I replied “Of coz I am”….then mom said “He was the one who shot him..how come u didn’t know bout this?" really? OMG…how loser I am…I not even know he is my own relative…it’s been a year and only now I notice this…the policeman is my cousin’s husband…bobobo

This is Corporal Jenain Subi and 
I know him very well...

Corporal Jenain Subi is a kind person…I’ve met him several times, since he is my cousin’s husband…After the case, he was temporary suspended from a police duty and had given half monthly salary by PDRM…he can’t survive, so he worked as a security manager in a private company…but he was fired due to poor attendance….it is because he need to ‘turun naik mahkamah’ every week to settle the case…and now he is unemployed, staying at home looking for his children n cook for the family…luckily Kak Niza has a permanent job as a teacher so she can support the family….oh yea, Kak Niza was a former UIAns..not sure which batch she was…ok, gtg..

p/s: mak aku x cakap omputih kat rumah...hehe

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